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Wayne Smith - Executive Director of Our Mentoring Program

The North American Selects Hockey School is proud to have Wayne Smith as the Executive Director of Our Mentoring Program. 

Wayne has an extensive and impressive hockey and scouting resume, playing for the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs in the NCAA and the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League. 

Off-ice has seen Wayne in the positions of the Director of Player Personnel and a Scout with the Kingston Frontenacs, an Amateur Scout for the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Director of Player Personnel and Stanley Cup Champion with the Boston Bruins.

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Guide to Excellence and Achieving Your Potential

- Wayne Smith

There are many paths to your future. Knowing and understanding how each  decision and action you make will direct you down a different pathway will help guide you towards the optimal place to achieving your potential as a hockey player and more importantly a person. 

For 33 years I have been involved in hockey as a player, scout and NHL executive. During this time I have had the great pleasure of seeing many athletes develop and grow through all stages of their careers and have learned a great deal from it. I have seen players with tremendous potential and natural ability develop into stars as well as seeing players with equal billing not come close to becoming the player many had thought. Also, I have seen players that were overlooked, written off and almost forgotten forge themselves in NHL players through perseverance, self-confidence and making good choices.

There is no sure thing good or bad when evaluating talent. So many factors weigh into how a player develops and even then after putting themselves in the best position to be the player at the right place at the right time dictates if they become a National Hockey League player. That said, putting yourself in the best position to be an NHL player is the key.

At the North American Selects  Hockey Program, we offer you the opportunity to meet with me and discuss what it takes to optimise this plan for you.

It has been my experience that there several key factors that make up development. By dividing them into individual categories,  it is easier to address, plan and that the necessary actions to achieve optimal results in each. The sums of these categories will the result of your overall development and a guide to reflect on when your game isn’t where you want it to be.

As you view the categories I have outlined below,  it is important to open your mind to suggestions as well as forming your own views in each of the individual areas. 

1. What is Your Identity?

  • Who are you?
  • What type of player are you?
  • Who do you play like?
  • What is your current role on your team?

2. Preparation

  • What is a typical day in your life?
  • Do you have a game day routine and if so what is it?
  • What preparation do you do before playing your next opponent?
  • What physical, nutritional and mental preparation do you do during the season as well as well as the off season?

3. Habits

  • Practice
  • Warmup
  • Game
  • Training

4. Intensity and Compete

  • Installing it in your play
  • Reviewing and evaluating your level of each after practices, games and training sessions

5. Goal Setting

  • Setting short term goals
  • Setting seasonal and off seasonal goals
  • Setting yearly goals
  • Setting your progress goals as a player (level of play)

Once you have had time to review and generate your own opinion on each we will meet and discuss them. During this meeting I will address any concerns I have with your choices by advising and educating about alternatives that I feel are crucial for you to consider. At the end of the day you have to take ownership in the results of the plan. You will have me supporting you as well as your family, close friends and coaches. All those assets will be helpful but only if you are true to yourself and commitment.

Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith